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Patina Habano Precipitation

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

For Patina Cigars, 2019 has been a very important year. Brand owner and blender Mo Maali, switched factories and added a new size to his portfolio. His cigars are now being made in Esteli, Nicaragua. Where in the past they were made in Granada, Nicaragua. Under the guidance of N.A.C.S.A. production manager and blender Raul Disla and tobacco guru Gustavo Cura, Operations Manager of Oliva Tobacco Co. Mo has created a new size in his Patina Habano and Connecticut lines. This new size is aptly named Precipitation, it is a 4X50 petite robusto. This size is perfect for a quick smoke outside or for your commute to work.

-Country of Origin: Nicaragua

-Factory: N.A.C.S.A.

-Wrapper: Ecudorian Habano

-Binder: Nicaraguan

-Filler: Nicaraguan and Pennsylvanian

-Size: Precipitation 4X50

-LCC Price: $8.50 single/ $118.00 box of 16 (savings of 18%)

Matt Matheny (owner of LCC)

The performance of this Precipitation is spot on. Burn, draw,smoke output and ash are all superior. I recommend using a straight cut on this cigar as you are going to want as much of the silky, semi-creamy, nuanced smoke as you can get. Although small in stature, this particular vitola should smoke for a good 45 minutes. Patina sells everything in 16 count boxes, so my recommendation would be to buy a box. Some of the flavor notes I get are toast, butter and subtle brown sugar. I highly recommend both the brand and this particular size. Quality through and through.

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Tyler Jeffery

Many people know how much I love Patina Cigars. This new size is perfect for Wisconsin. I commute 40 mins from Oak Creek to LCC, and this cigar is perfect for my journey to Wisconsin's Mecca of Cigars. I can't think of a brand I smoke more of than Patina. Well, maybe RoMa Craft, This new size is a flavor bomb, and construction is perfect. Some flavor notes I pick up are a little bit of pepper, balanced with some sweetness, and nice buttery smoothness. The draw and smoke out put are perfect. I bought a box and so should you!

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