Official Greeter

"Gives you warm fuzzies cuz he's so cute!"


"You hear a fast clicking sound.  You turn.  You turn back.  Your ashtray is empty. It's ME! My goal is your happiness and making sure you're comfortable and taken care of!  I love trying the new cigars we get in, and helping people find what they're looking for. This place has been my  home for 10+ years, 6 of them working here, and I hope everyone feels it's a home as much as I do."


"I'm the resident crabby old guy at the store. I've been smoking cigars for 38 years & have been coming to Lake Country since 1998. The previous owners felt sorry for me when I retired and gave me a job, because I would never leave. That was six years ago and unfortunately for Matt and Michele they didn't realize that they had purchased this fixture as well."


Mike also spent 38 years serving in law enforcement!  He might be 'crabby' but he has a heart of gold & has a care & concern for people & their rights, he is also a family man with a passion for the great outdoors.

"I've been an employee at LCC for over 15 years. A family man with a background in manufacturing. Some of my favorite brands are Padron, My Father, La Palina, Oscar Valledares."

"I am the resident cigar nerd at LCC. My favorite brands are RoMa Craft, Tatuaje, Foundation & Patina. I enjoy traveling, especially to Nicaragua to visit my favorite cigar factories. Stop in, and lets talk cigars."

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       Cigarnoise Bois

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"Hey I'm Ben. Born in Rhinelander, WI but grew up in Illinois. I love all things Chicago except for the White Sox and I won't apologize for it 😏. I smoked my first cigar on Thanksgiving 2017 and quickly dove into the cigar life. I love learning about different cigars and tobaccos and above all I enjoy the family atmosphere at Lake Country Cigars. It really enhanced my passion for cigars and am honored to now be part of the team working there. Come on in and say hello or ask for a suggestion... I'm confident I'll find you something you like."

*Honorable Mention

Mikey Zahn used to work at LCC, spent time in Honduras learning how to roll cigars. "I've moved on into the cigar industry being a rep, but from time to time you might see me behind the counter at Lake Country Cigars."